The People Behind Ranch Express

  • Todd Stewart

    Co-Founder, Lead Developer

    (pic) Todd Stewart

    Designer, developer, and marketing professional, I have 20 years experience building exceptional campaigns and materials.

    Recently, I've committed a great deal of effort to build online communities. At the beginning of 2013, I helped an international group build resources that gave their membership new ways to promote their work. Since completion, their membership has more than doubled in size.

    After that project, I began working on platform to help national real estate agents promote their work. While it was well received, it was missing a vital piece to make it successful: A way to help the competing agents connect through shared interests.

    It's now late 2013 and I am excited to introduce

    Together with my wife, Karen, we are building the resources and the support network to help ranchers and anyone working in the agriculture industry.

    We will first focus on helping ranches get modern websites that promote their business. Ranchers can choose to have custom websites, web flyer pages, or a free listing in the directory.

    As the Ranch Express community grows, we will be promoting upcoming sales, share information through Facebook and Twitter, and make it as easy as possible for ranchers to add blogs and make easy edits to their sites.

    It's 2014 - a great time to take full advantage of all the online resources that connect buyers with ranchers. Our goal is to make it easy.

  • Karen Stewart

    Co-Founder, Social Media, Writer

    (pic) Karen Stewart

    I grew up in Butte, America and now teach at Arizona State University in Phoenix. I've worked for a couple decades helping people write their marketing materials and finding the perfect places to share them.

    I've enjoyed teaching students at MSU-Billings and ASU how to build their confidence, knowledge, and skills to build blogs, make videos, and promote their work online. I was thrilled at the opportunity when Todd asked if I could help ranchers do the same thing.

    So while Todd works on building the tech and support systems, I'll be helping people write and promote material through blogging and social media posts.

    Please feel free to contact me with questions about using blogs, video, and social media to help promote your work and even finding ways to simply connect with similar people all over the country.

    Todd and I appreciate the agriculture community and hope to provide a valuable service. Thank you.



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